Landlord unleashes Dobermann on travel agent over rent

Landlord unleashes Dobermann on travel agent over rent

A landlord unleashed his Dobermann on the employee of a travel agency during an argument over rental payment. The dangerous dog bit the 54-year-old man all over the body, inflicting multiple injuries. 

It all started when Rangachari, 24, arrived at the building owned by his family in Dasanapura near Madanayakanahalli on the city's northern outskirts on Sunday. With Dobermann by his side, he went to the travel agency's office and demanded that the proprietor, Gautam Chan Jain, pay him the rent from now on. 

Jain refused to do so, saying he had been paying the rent to Rangachari's siblings as per the rental agreement. This clearly incensed Rangachari. He threated Jain and ransacked the office. 

Jain's employer, Shivaji Singh, objected to Rangachari's behaviour and tried to intervene. Rangachari got furious and unleashed the Dobermann on him. The dog pounced on him, attacking him vociferously. Singh's screams drew neighbours and forced Rangachari to flee. 

Jain later filed a complaint at the Madanayakanahalli police station. Police opened a case of negligent conduct in respect to an animal, trespass and voluntarily causing hurt and arrested Rangachari from his house, a senior officer said.