Muggers set ablaze auto driver

Muggers set ablaze auto driver

An autorickshaw driver sustained minor burns after two unidentified men poured petrol on him and lit a fire over a robbery.

Mohammed Asif (28), a resident of Richmond Town, the victim, was rushed to a hospital by relatives on being alerted. The incident took place near Ejipura Circle in Vivek Nagar around 1 am on Friday, said the police.

The suspects boarded his autorickshaw on the pretext of reaching a destination. Minutes later, they threatened him to hand over cash and valuables. Asif gave them his wallet which had Rs 500, added the police.

However, he followed them and demanded them to return his wallet, but they refused to do so. He managed to punch one of them.

However, another mugger took the bottle of petrol which they were carrying, poured it on him, lit fire and fled, added the police.

The Vivek Nagar police have registered a case. The police also suspect the duo stole petrol from vehicles.