Pub attack no blip, Haris wins big

Pub attack no blip, Haris wins big

In the end, the pub attack incident involving Mohammed Nalapad had no impact on the election of his father and sitting Congress MLA N A Haris, who retained the Shantinagar constituency by a huge margin.

Haris defeated BJP's K Vasudevamurthy by a margin of 18,205 votes, winning the constituency for the third straight term.

In February, Nalapad was arrested for assaulting Vidwath Loganathan, the son of a city-based businessman, at Farzi Cafe in UB City.

Votes polled in Shantinagar was counted at the BMS College for Women in Basavanagudi, where hundreds of Haris' supporters waiting outside greeted his lead at the end of each round of counting with applause and loud cheers.

The constituency erupted in celebration by late noon as Haris' victory was confirmed. His supporters converged on MG Road, where a roadshow was held lauding his big win.

A huge flower garland and another made of apples were draped around Haris' neck with the help of a crane.