Tied to your desk? Try these yoga postures

Tied to your desk? Try these yoga postures

The staff of Markelytics Solution Ltd practise desktop yoga.

Ever heard of the Desktop-Yoga?

Around 300 employees of Markelytics Solution Limited, who have been practising this yoga for the past 15 days, are now all set to show how it is done to other corporates on the occasion of International Yoga Day.

Employees have also pledged to Ministry of Ayush that they would make this new form of yoga as an inevitable part of their daily routine.

No trainer has been brought in from outside to teach, instead of one of their staffer, a trained yoga practitioner, is helping her colleagues. “It comprises simple stretches and basic yoga postures which can be done at one’s workstation. The whole module has been divided into four sets of 15 minutes each. Teams have been formed to make the exercise fun,” said Jasal Shah, Managing Director and CEO of Markelytics.

“Most of us just sit in one place and work. We eat and drink. So why not do yoga also at our desk. This has turned out to be a lifestyle changer, a stress buster and a relaxing agent,” he said.

The teams claim to be showing phenomenal results already.

They have become more cheerful, alert, punctual to the office, more professional, showing increased attention span, energy levels have also increased.

The team is now planning to reach out to other corporates about this and also organise a marathon.