Doctors warn against pregnancies in the time of virus

COVID-19: Doctors warn against pregnancies in the time of coronavirus

Those who have already conceived must quarantine themselves for a few weeks.

City-based doctors are advising women to postpone pregnancies in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis across the world. 

Since pregnant women fall under the high-risk category in such virulent times, several gynaecologists are advising against getting in the family way at least for the next two to three months, so as to avoid any risk in future. Those who have already conceived are being asked to home-quarantine themselves for a few weeks.

After the coronavirus outbreak, many couples have in fact turned to their family physicians and gynaecologists for advice.

Dr B Ramesh, gynaecologist and laproscopic surgeon at Altius hospital, says, “No one knows the effect of Covid-19 on pregnancy. So it is better to avoid it at least for the next few weeks or until the crisis eases. Those who are already pregnant should take better care by home-quarantining themselves.”

According to doctors, though there is no proof of vertical transmission of the virus from the mother to the baby during pregnancy, precautionary measures are advised to avoid any risk.

Dr Lavanya Kiran, senior consultant, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Narayana Health City, suggests it’s better to avoid and postpone all elective procedures. “We are not even doing ovulation induction treatments. As women’s immunity will be low during pregnancy and they are prone to infections, we are appealing to avoid pregnancies. The public should cooperate,” she says.

Dr Padmini Prasad, obstetrician and gynecologist, says it’s better to postpone pregnancies for two-three months as there is no study yet about the effect of the virus on foetus. “Prevention is better. Also, pregnant women need to come to hospitals frequently which will mean more possibilities of infections during such outbreaks.”

Meanwhile, those who have already conceived have been given medication to boost immunity and are being advised to maintain hygiene and practise social distancing.

Dr Poornima, obstetrician and gynecologist, has asked her patients to home-quarantine themselves and use their own vehicles while coming for check-ups. “They must wear masks and use sanitisers,” she advises.

Homeopathy practitioners also are of the same view. Dr B T Rudresh, senior homeopathy practitioner, says the coronavirus is a new challenge even for medical specialists across the world. “We understand pregnancy is normal, but those who are planning a baby can avoid it for a while as pregnant women are vulnerable to infections,” he says.

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