'I was a reckless youngster'

'I was a reckless youngster'


'I was a reckless youngster'

Nostalgic: Rishi Kapoor

Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor says he became reckless as a youngster post the success of his 1973 film Bobby.

Talking about the pitfalls of early fame, the actor said that all the "success, money and adulation" at just 20 made him arrogant.

Addressing fans at a retrospective of his films, Rishi reflected on a range of issues in his career that started with a role as a 15-year-old in Mera Naam Joker, made by his
father Raj Kapoor. But it was Bobby that brought the real fame.

“Suddenly I had tons of money – obviously it corrupted my mind. I became arrogant. I was very abrupt. I was a real bad guy, not because I wanted to be a bad guy, and I was enjoying every moment of it,” said the actor.

“But then I was under check. I realised that I had to settle down and start working, so that reality check came at the right time. Today, a 20-year-old is much more knowledgeable, he knows what’s happening in the world around him," he added.

Pushed for details of his “bad deeds”, Rishi said he preferred them to remain secret. Rishi said probably his father did not know what was happening with him.

“My father never ever interfered in my career and rightly so, perhaps he did not know what was happening. Similarly, I don't interfere in (my son Ranbir's) career – I'm his father, not his secretary.”

But Rishi also commended his father for his bravery in casting two unknowns in Bobby at a time when the family was in a deep financial crisis.

“During Mera Naam Joker, we had our studio mortgaged, there was no money to
complete the film we were in dire straits and he chose to take two absolute newcomers for this film but he was a film-maker who knew exactly what he wanted.

He made a blockbuster and a film that changed the times.”

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