Can you become an acrostic poet?

Can you become an acrostic poet?


Cucumbers make a tasty salad
Rats make me want to run a mile
Owls are cute
Trees are so cooling
October is rainy and wet
Needles make me go OWCH!
Just read down the left margin and you will find the answer. In this case, that word is Croton. The croton is a plant right now filling up gardens with its rainbow colours. It is also in the picture alongside this poem.
Another acrostic poem could be;

F is for furniture
R is for roses
I is for India
E is for examinations
N is for never and
D is for dishes

The acrostic is an ancient kind of poetry dating back to ancient Greece. The lines of an acrostic poem can simply be a list of words or they can form a complete statement. Try to create an acrostic poem based on your own name, or the name of your favourite plant, pet, or even a house!

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