Federer ready to dominate the court once again

Last Updated 08 October 2010, 08:10 IST

Before heading to Shanghai for the ATP Masters tournament, Federer stopped by Hong Kong to meet the press.

The Swiss star spoke about his rivalry with Rafael Nadal and the world No.1 spot.

"Obviously he (Nadal) is a stronger player today than a few years ago, but the same counts for me even though the ranking has slipped maybe a little bit," Federer, now world No.3, was quoted as saying by Xinhua.

"With a few minor adjustments, I think I can really beat the best without a problem.
Without being arrogant but I know I have the game and I'm playing really well right now," he said.

Federer took a four-week break after a disappointing loss to Novak Djokovic at US Open semifinal.

"I practised extremely hard for the last three weeks. I feel like I am ready to go for the rest five."

Federer said he is now mentally fresh, "eager to play again" and still enjoying the fun of playing tennis. "I have no intention to quit the game and I am looking forward to the future."

The tennis star also told the media about how well he was adapting to family life, looking after his 15-month-old twin daughters.

"The role as a father is a very important one too, not as important as the mum in the beginning but nevertheless I'm the guy that's catching my daughters from doing naughty things or hurting themselves, so it's very interesting. It's a lot of fun. I'm learning a lot everyday," he said.

(Published 08 October 2010, 08:10 IST)

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