Binge on a burger

Binge on a burger

Comfort food

Binge on a burger

Dig in: The popular dishes.

This was one of the reasons why Gautam Krishnan started Cafe Thulp.

Thulp means ‘eating a lot’ and is a word quite commonly used in Bangalore. Cafe Thulp is a perfect place to sit and gulp down some fantastic hamburgers. Located in Koramangala, 1st block on the narrow road behind Wipro park, this colourful eating joint is just right for those looking for some comfort food.

As you enter the place, you will surely be fascinated by the brightly coloured walls and the cartoon posters adorning the wall. But it is the food which will really get your attention. The place serves a variety of items including hamburgers, sandwiches, soups, salads, pasta and hot-dogs.

But it is the hamburgers which make the crowd come in everyday. “Hamburgers are one the most popular items here,” says Gautam, who also doubles as the chef in the kitchen. “My mother and aunt also come in sometimes to prepare some of the home recipes,” he informs.

Specials: The menu board.There are nine types of burgers available here — beef, chicken, pork, bacon and  falafel veggie burger. The most popular among these is Moo with cheese, which has a beef patty served with a lot of cheese and a chunk of fries. “The burger here is meaty and delicious,” says Sandeep, a regular at the joint.

While here, try out the grilled chicken satay which is served with a spicy peanut sauce. Or the crispy beef with basil, which is a great way to start your meal. The sandwiches are available in over 20 flavours for those who love experimentation.

With a number of combination of chicken, pickles, fish, ham, pork, eggplant, peanut butter, jelly, you can go crazy choosing your favourite flavour. The place also serves breakfast items like eggs, French toast and spicy toast for those who want it heavy.

Don’t frown if you are a vegetarian because there is plenty to order for the veggie lovers too. Go for a Peta ka Beta, which is a cheese grilled sandwich, served with potato wedges. The wedges are perfectly done with enough salt and chilli to make you gobble them in a minute. The sandwich is crunchy and cheesy and a plate is more than enough to fill you up for an afternoon.

Try out the spinach and mushroom soup if you are in the mood for something light. Its not too thick but very creamy and flavoursome. The green papaya and mango salad bursts with flavours in your mouth and is a little spicy and tangy. The quantity of food served here is enough for two people. So if you want to visit the place, remember to bring someone along to share the delightful meal.

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