QI am 24 years old and I weigh 39 kg. I have cystic pimples on my face that hurt when touched. I underwent treatment but that helped only temporarily. My menstrual cycle is irregular too. What is wrong with me?


Cystic pimples are the severest form of acne vulgaris. They may appear on the face, neck and other regions of the body. They are called cystic pimples because of the cysts that form under the surface of this skin. Please consult a dermatologist for further course of treatment.

In the meantime, you may apply egg white or aloe vera juice on the affected area to reduce the spread of infection. You may also apply a solution of lemon juice and water. The more you pick at cystic acne, the worse the spread of infection. Avoid using cosmetic products that are oily or greasy as they can aggravate your condition. 

Dr Vandana Jayaprakash

Q I am 12 years old. My fingertips are dry and the skin is constantly chapped. A doctor advised me to apply Diprovate-G cream on it. But this has not helped. What should I do?

A Chapped fingertips are caused by excessive dryness of the skin around the fingertips.  The outer layer of the human skin peels off naturally every 28 days. However, when the epidermis or the outer layer of the skin begins to peel off faster than the natural rate, the condition is called peeling skin syndrome. Avoid washing your hands frequently. Include natural sources of vitamins and minerals such as fruits and green leafy vegetables in your diet to prevent flaking and peeling of the skin. Always use a gentle hand cream, especially when you step outdoors, in order to protect your skin. Apply a mixture of honey and olive oil on your fingertips before going to bed every night.

Parul Dube

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