As bad as it gets

As bad as it gets

As bad as it gets

Emraan Hashmi and Neha Sharma

Emraan Hashmi is back to his old ways. After a brief no-kiss period, the Bhatt protege has puckered up again. This time, for an Aussie seductress in a strip club. And barring the resultant heat in the bedroom, Crook is as cold as the Arctic glacier.

Director Mohit Suri thought racism Down Under would make for an interesting plot. So he packs off Hashmi and Co to Australia where most Indian students are on scholarship.

Love happens at the airport itself, with Hashmi’s jaws malfunctioning at the sight of debutant Neha Sharma (okay actress, but wrong movie).

Love or cricket, everything takes a racial turn. The Oz villain’s blood boils when India wins a match whereas the heroine’s brother (Arjan Bajwa) gets goosebumps everytime he talks about Indian culture.

Meanwhile, Hashmi is busy living up to the film’s title, conning whoever crosses his path. The moral science lessons are reserved for the heroine, who also preaches Indo-Australian bonhomie in between Pritam’s not-so-happening numbers.

While the love story limps without any sparks, the racism theme dies a silly death with a sillier climax.  The Bhatts lost it this time.