We've proof people in illegal doping deal in spot fixing: WADA

We've proof people in illegal doping deal in spot fixing: WADA

"We have evidence from Interpol and from Major League Baseball that the people who are fixing betting are the people who are involved in illegal doping," Howman was quoted as saying in the 'Australian'.

"The information has come from two different and unrelated sources who say the same thing." Howman, who was in Delhi for addressing a press conference a day ahead of the launch of the Commonwealth Games, said he was satisfied by the way Commonwealth's sports ministers responded to his proposal.

"The Commonwealth meeting asked us to keep looking at the concept but that's not in my mandate," Howman said. "It's really up to the governments to pursue this. I'm just raising the issue as one that merits further discussion."

Howman said he would present the case to the European Union's sports ministers at a meeting in two weeks and hoped they would agree to tackle the thorny issue. Howman also felt that there should be an international agency to police betting on sport working as a separate arm of WADA or as a parallel organisation.

The betting issue cropped its ugly head recently when the Pakistan cricket team was engulfed in a spot fixing scandal involving three players during the Lord's test against England.