It is the second trust vote for Yeddyurappa

It is the second trust vote for Yeddyurappa

Yeddyurappa had to seek the vote of confidence to prove the majority of his first ever saffron party government on June six, 2008 under the directive of the then Governor Rameshwar Thakur.

Thakur ordered for the floor test of the maiden BJP government which was short of majority by three MLAs when it was sworn-in into office on May 30, 2008 and took the help of six independents to cobble up the majority.

The BJP had won 110 seats out of 224 as against the required strength of 113. Yeddyurappa was brimming with confidence while facing the first trust vote in 2008, as he was sure of the numbers in his favour, but in tomorrow's case the situation seems to be not in favour of either BJP or him with 18 dissident MLAs declaring their firm resolve to vote against the government.

In fact, it would be the third vote of confidence for Yeddyurappa since 2007 as his eight-day-old government collapsed after BJP's coalition partner JDS refused to support it.

Yeddyurappa who refrained from moving the motion in November 2007 submitted the resignation of his government then.