Nobody demanded division of votes, says Speaker Bopaiah

Nobody demanded division of votes, says Speaker Bopaiah

Bopaiah told reporters that when the motion was put up for voice vote, no member sought division of votes.

"Nobody demanded (division of votes). (So) where is the question of division of votes", he asked. "The motion was passed by voice-vote as per rules".

He said there was "time limitation" as this motion was the only subject, which had to be completed today itself.

Bopaiah also appeared to justify the entry of police personnel into the Assembly.
"When the situation is out of control, in order to bring order, that (bringing police into the House) can be done".

Asked how he can disqualify five independents (who have thrown in their lot with the opposition), Bopaiah said independents joining any other political party were liable to be disqualified.

"Independents should remain as independents till his term is over", he said, adding, according to the documents provided by the independents, they have joined a particular political party.