Denial of amenities SV Pura languishing

Denial of amenities SV Pura languishing

Lack of potable water, drainage system, toilet facility plague the village

At a time when both the Union and State governments claim success in improving access to drinking water and sanitation services in rural communities, S Venkatapura stands out as an eyesore, lacking all basic amenities.

The misery of residents of S Venkatapura is untold. Lack of potable water, drainage system,   toilets plague the village.

Residents are even unable to walk fearlessly in the village, as there are no street lights.
The atmosphere in S Venkatapura provides a congenial ground for the breakout of many diseases.

No bus service

To add on to the misery, residents of S Venkatapura when taken ill have to walk 7 km to get treated at a hospital, as there are no bus services.

“ Politicians who arrive at our doorstep during elections and make umpteen promises, refuse to set their foot in our village, once they are voted to power,” observed people at S Venkatapura. “We cannot protest against the injustice, as making the ends meet in itself is a big struggle for most of us in the village,” observed the disillusioned villagers. “Politicians who seek our votes should fulfil them, as well. The officers concerned should implement the various infrastructure projects initiated by the State government,” urged Channamma.