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Last Updated 13 October 2010, 11:55 IST

Ten years ago, the Internet was practically unknown to most of us. But today it has become a very powerful tool. There is more to the web than just e-mail, chat or celebrity gossip and college freshmen have been eager to cash in on all that it has to offer.

Students learn and share knowledge simultaneously with the help of online articles, e-books, videos, etc. This has helped them learn more and attain better grades.  Ankitha Daulath, an engineering student says that the internet has introduced her to new cultures and social networking opportunities. “It has also become the best business tool with the introduction of concepts like E-commerce and Data Base Management.

Entertainment is another main reason why I use the internet. Online gaming with individuals from different parts of the world, Youtube videos, sports and global news are some of  areas that I am usually interested in”,  she says.

Raghavendra Mallya, an employee at a tech company says that he is able to connect with his distant friends and relatives via social networking websites. “I use the Internet to talk to my cousins who live in America and that way I do not spend money on phone calls.”

He also uses the Internet to download the latest blockbusters and songs. “I was offered my first job via the Web. The job portals are a boon for any fresher looking for growth opportunity. I have also given many online examinations and interviews,” he adds. He also feels that youngsters are getting drawn towards online gaming and are forgetting about outdoor activities.

Bimba S, an engineering student at BNMIT says that the World Wide Web is a great way to save money.  “A student sitting in a small town inIndia can access the latest course material released by MIT. He can browse through previous papers in Physics. And how long does all this take?

Just a click of the mouse! Compare this to searching through racks of books in a library, only to end up with some outdated material,” she says. The Internet is a virtual treasure trove of information. There are many portals available where you can discuss important issues, get guidance from experts on any and every topic. Be it preparing for college exams or competitive exams, there is a vast collection of e-books, e-journals and video tutorials for you.

“The more you explore, the more benefits you can draw, say students. After all, they are the largest group of users who surf the Net, as it provides a great deal of information for assignments and presentations. I feel that it is very important to build and have a good social circle because it teaches you what is right and what is wrong. It also teaches you how to avoid all the unnecessary content that is available online,” she adds.

“There are many social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to help connect with friends.  Participate in social events and just don’t be in an academic oxygen bubble”, says Bimba.

Divakar K, an employee at Infosys who recently completed an MBA degree at M P Birla Institute of Management says that he is able to make it is a successful stock market trading expert, thanks to the Internet. He regularly buys and sells his shares on different portals and makes money from these investments.

“I have learnt a lot about online trading through Sharekhan and other portals. I also use Wikipedia for information. I buy movie tickets and train tickets online and also pay my bills through online banking”, he adds.

Sapna Bharadwaj, another student says that surfing the Net has become a part of her everyday life. “I have a Facebook account through which I stay in touch with my friends all the time but my private life is no more private. I like to post my thoughts on a public forum for the whole world to see.” Sapna also works part-time and says that she finds jobs while surfing the Internet.

(Published 13 October 2010, 11:55 IST)

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