Festive feast

Festive feast

Strawberry Squares

Ingredients: Fine coconut gratings —2 cups, khova or crushed phedas —1/2 cup, Sugar — 2 cups, strawberry jam —3 tbsp, Rose essence (optional) —3/4 drops.

Method: Mix sugar, coconut gratings and khova and cook till well-blended.  Add jam and rose essence. Mix well and pour on a plate to half-inch thickness. Cut it into squares when warm  and serve.

Hint: For a variation of taste and flavour, you may substitute strawberry jam with pineapple.

Badam-Cashew Halwa

Ingredients: Badam or almonds —1 cup (blanched), cashewnuts —1 cup, sugar—1 cup, ghee—3 tbsp, Cardamom powder—1/2 tsp, saffron (toasted and powdered), Milk—2 teaspoons, almonds — a few (to garnish).

Method: Grind almonds and cashew to a smooth paste. Prepare sugar syrup of one string consistency. Heat the ghee. Fry the ground paste for  three to four minutes. Add the syrup and keep stirring until it is well cooked.

Mix saffron in milk and add it to the mixture, along with cardamom powder. Stir well for a minute or more. Serve the dish garnished with almonds.