For those with a social conscience


What’s that again: Ajay Devgn and Bipasha Basu.

Aakrosh proves one thing beyond doubt. Priyadarshan should cut down on his comedy business and start spinning serious stuff more frequently. The lawless land and its excesses make for a hard-hitting movie.

Throw two CBI officers — Ajay Devgn (seen mostly on rooftops and underneath moving trains) and Akshaye Khanna (a genius of an investigator who never loses his cool and coat) — into the local caste mayhem and Aakrosh turns more captivating.

The only thorn in the otherwise perfectly-cast affair is Bipasha Basu who looks the least her part as an abused cop-wife. The meek, shivering sari-clad patni of Paresh Rawal gives the viewers a what’s-that-again moment when she changes to bombshell gear in a college flashback.

The officers who have come all the way from Delhi to crack the missing students’ case face a corrupt cop, goon or neta at every turn and the entire village keeps its mouth shut for fear of being silenced for ever.

Yes it’s Mississippi Burning in Bollywood style, but for once, the copycat is not bad.
The fights and chases are stellar while the helpless rural populace brings a lump in the throat.

A good watch, with its social conscience.