Safety on night shift

Safety on night shift

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Safety on night shift

 Over these five years, things have changed drastically. Organisations have put in place strict security measures to ensure the safety of their women employees while commuting
between home and office. The contact details of women employees are not shared with cab drivers anymore.

Today, women in the City do not hesitate to do night shifts as they find the measures taken by their companies quite satisfactory

IT professional

“We were all curious about Pratibha’s case and by sentencing the culprit, the court has sent a stern message to all those who are responsible for the security of women employees. As the world is getting smaller day by day, countries have to depend on each other for many things. So, we cannot avoid night-shift jobs. There are some narrow minded people who don’t think well about girls working on night shifts. But, it is just their misconception as a night shift doesn’t differ from a day shift in anyway.”

IT professional

“I am happy that Pratibha’s murderer got life imprisonment till death. Finally, justice has been delivered in her case. But not all drivers are alike. During these two years, not a single scary incident has happened to me and I have never felt insecure. I have seen some girls treating the cab drivers like their servants and getting dropped at different places. We should treat them as employees like us and maintain a professional relationship with them. While travelling, we don’t discuss our personal and financial matters aloud. My company is very strict with security measures and has been doing everything possible to safeguard us. The rest depends on us.”  

Law graduate

“My family had no objections regarding my shift. So, when I was offered a job, I didn’t worry about my timing at all. I have enough trust in my organisation as I checked about the safety policies with some old employees. Since I have not yet reported to my job, I am yet to experience the night shift environment. I am not scared a bit in this regard. My aim is to prove my ability in my work and to achieve something in my career. People, who are focussed on their careers, will not give importance to the timings. So, I am looking forward to my first ever night shift experience.”

Account executive

“Though I have been working in the private sector for many years, I have never dared to work during night. But that is because of health reasons. I have many friends who are working in call centres on night shifts. They are satisfied with the way they are taken care of by their organisations. Most of the time, when women hesitate to work on night shift, they have reasons other than security concerns like family obligations and health. Though Pratibha’s case is a nightmare, it has failed to discourage women from choosing night shifts.”

IT professional

 “When a girl is working on night shift, as per the rules, she should not be dropped last. Therefore, a male colleague has to accompany her even if his house comes before hers. So, not only the cab driver, but the male employees who travel with her are also responsible for her safety. In the company where I work, girls are not allowed to work on night shift. Actually, they have to leave the office premises before eight in the night. But while hiring the employees, the company doesn't make any discrimination between male and female candidates. So, girls can work freely in the day shift and there is no responsibility on us as well.”