Thank you's don't stop pouring in for CWG host India!

Last Updated 18 October 2010, 08:47 IST

"I am so impressed with the New Delhi Games that I am writing a 'thank you' letter to India for being a wonderful host. It will be published in our newspaper," Randy Starkman, sports reporter of Toronto Star, one of the biggest newspapers of Canada, told IANS. The Oct 3-14 Games saw participation of teams from 71 counties and territories."I was, in fact, very happy when India won the bid to host the Games as I strongly believed this big city was one of the most apt venues. These Games were very successful and opened the doors for other developing countries to come to the forefront," said Starkman, who has covered 12 Olympics and four Commonwealth Games."Here, everything was available very easily, there was always somebody to assist us in case of any problem," he said.

However, Starkman admitted he too was apprehensive after the initial negative reports and blamed CWG Organising Committee chairman Suresh Kalmadi for it.

"There was too much negative coverage in the foreign media and I think Suresh Kalmadi is the main culprit. This was my first visit to India and even I was a bit apprehensive before coming here, but besides Kalmadi I found everything very good," stated Starkman.

G. Eiriksson, Iceland's ambassador to India who had come to watch the closing ceremony Oct 14 with his wife, told IANS, "I have been staying in New Delhi for the last one year and am very proud that this city has been able to conduct these Games with such grand success."

"Traffic was managed very well and all through the Games Delhi residents remained very tolerant. We should praise them as they fully cooperated with the authorities."

"We always have some hiccups before every big event. But the overall response is positive, I was amazed to see the tremendous enthusiasm among organisers, volunteers and residents," he added.

Besides successfully conducting the Games, India also put up a good show on the sports front and finished at the second spot by winning 101 medals, including 38 golds.

Sarfraz Ahmed, a Pakistani from Lahore, told IANS: "This was my first visit to India and I had especially come to support Pakistan wrestlers and weightlifters. It was a world class experience and I am happy that India has shut the mouths of all critics who doubted its potential."

"People here are very warm. Now, before returning, I will go to Amritsar to meet my relatives and visit my ancestral house," said Ahmed.

Roberts Ogumba, a Nigerian tourist, told IANS: "I have visited all the newly renovated stadiums in New Delhi; all of them are world class. Once you are inside, you feel as if you are in the US or Canada."

"I give full points to India for meticulously conducting these Games!"

(Published 18 October 2010, 08:47 IST)

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