I'm not an alcoholic: Symonds

I'm not an alcoholic: Symonds

"I'm not an alcoholic. I've been diagnosed as a binge drinker. I'd go out and drink too much, too fast," Symonds revealed in an interview with 'Nine Network'.

"I'm not proud of the times that I've drunk too much and been rude to someone or broken team rules," the burly Queenslander said.

Symonds was called back home from the Twenty20 World Cup in England and Cricket Australia dumped him from its central contract for an alcohol-related indiscretion.

He had undergone rehabilitation before being picked for the Twenty20 World Cup. That was after he missed team meetings, turned up drunk for a match and had been involved in drunken brawls among other controversies.

Looking back, the 34-year-old says he is glad to be free of the pressure.

"Now I'm out of that environment, that won't happen anymore for those people in that team and for me," he said.