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Last Updated 19 October 2010, 13:10 IST

It’s natural for people to talk about others, discuss view points and the latest happenings in their lives with friends. However, in this whole process of talking to and about each other, there comes a certain point when the talks turn into gossip, which is generally  frowned upon.

It is human to talk about others, judge their actions and criticise their behaviour. It seems like a vicious circle that one can’t let go of once one has become a part of it.

Athulya, a fourth year architecture student says, “I get to know when people are gossiping about me sooner or later through our mutual friends.” When asked about how she reacts to it, she says, “At first, I feel a little bad but in due course, I forgive them as long as the gossip does not have a harmful impact.”

Her friend Ruchita is of the opinion that there is no point dwelling on what the others talk.

“The only people I can trust are my closest friends when it comes to keeping a secret. They let me know if others talk bad about me.”

Shruthi, a diploma student, prefers to gossip about the people who talk about her.

“I don’t feel the need to confront them or reveal too many details about my personal life when I’m with them. Giving them a cold shoulder is enough to let them know that I’m not interested in talking to them.”

On the contrary, Harllen thinks it’s better to talk and sort things out with the people who tittle-tattle about her.

Manasa, a medical student, says, “My friends directly keep me informed of everything they’ve heard about me from others. I always clear the air and straighten things out in case I think it would affect me in one way or the other. This also depends on the seriousness of the matter. Gossiping is inevitable but it shouldn’t intrude into people’s privacy.”

There is a very thin line which differentiates talking from gossiping. Sometimes, this results in heavy damage like hurting of feelings and wreckage of relationship.

 It’s always wise to minimise the time and energy spent on gossip and curb oneself from engaging in this affair.

(Published 19 October 2010, 13:02 IST)

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