Om Puri shines in 'West is West'

Om Puri shines in 'West is West'

Puri, along with co-star Illa Arun walked the red carpet at the premiere of the sequel to the 1999 film 'East is East', which vividly charted the conflicts of a mixed-race Pakistani-English family and went on to win a BAFTA for Outstanding British film.

The film was shot mostly in Chandigarh and it would be released in India in February.
"I am quite confident the film will be a success in India," Puri told PTI.

Om Puri played the charismatic George Khan, determined to instill some discipline and cultural identity into his son Sajid, played by newcomer Aqib Khan.The film sees Sajid, the youngest son played by Aqib Khan, introduced to the father's first family in Pakistan.

They head to the old country, where George's older son Maneer is looking for a bride.  Once there, relations do not go smoothly between George and his first wife Basheera (Ila Arun), even before his English second spouse Ella (Linda Bassett) turns up.

Leslee Udwin, the producer and Ayub Khan-Din, the writer are already looking ahead to the concluding part.