IT Deptt preparing family tree of OC officials, contractors

IT Deptt preparing family tree of OC officials, contractors

As part of its probe into alleged financial irregularities in work related to the sporting event, the department, which conducted searches at almost 30 premises of business consortiums, including those associated with BJP member Sudhanshu Mittal yesterday, has collected PAN card, credit card and bank account details of the officials and contractors.

The data includes air travel information of various individuals associated with the Games in recent past to both international and domestic destinations.

The department's intelligence wing has activated its profiling mechanism as it is preparing a dossier of the financial activities of these stakeholders who will be subsequently confronted with the seized documents and tax return statements.

The department, according to official sources, is specifically looking into the contracts awarded by the Games Organising Committee (OC) and the role of its officials and contractors including charges of bribing.

Sources said the department is taking the services of its high-end data mining tool, which has won the Prime Minister's Award for Excellence this year, to get and prepare details about bank investments, mutual funds, movable and immovable properties and all other sources of transaction by senior OC officials and consortiums involved in the businesses related to the Games.