A dash of green

A dash of green


A dash of green

Garden fresh: There are several nooks and corners of the home that could do with a shot of green to liven things up by Ruth Dsouza PrabhuSometimes, all a house needs to turn into a home is a garden, no matter how small. There is hardly a home today that doesn’t have a few pots if not a whole garden around the home. But why not take it a step further and bring a little of that greenery indoors. There are several nooks and corners of the home that could do with a shot of green to liven things up. 

Living and dining room

The living room is a place where the entire family gets together. Along with your sofas and the cabinet for the TV, there are several places that you could bring plants into. If you have an L-shaped TV stand that fits into a corner, you will definitely find some space on either side of the cabinet. Use this to place a huge planter or a ceramic pot that matches the rest of the décor in the hall.

In this planter/pot, you can place a variety of potted plants and even change them on a daily basis. Some good plants to put in are varieties of ferns. These are bushy and instantly brighten up a dull corner. 

There are a variety of plant holders that you can get and place in different corners of your home.

You have glass based ones that can be put up in holders above doors.

These are ornamental and require minimal cleaning as well. If you want to try making your holders, purchase a three-shelf stand. On each shelf you can place a potted plant. You can change these plants as many times as you want. Also you can move the shelf to any part of the house to change its look constantly. 

Large empty corners can also do with big planters that have moss sticks and any form of flowering creepers. If you don’t have flowering creepers, simple green ones will do as well. Not only do they fill a bulk of the space, but they also look great. 

Another place to introduce plants is where you keep your telephone and the phone directory. Small plants like cactii and colourful crotons in ornamental pots can be placed on small stands around your telephone or even on a stand that is at a higher level. Nothing like some colour to cheer up if you have been on hold for a long time.

The dining room can always do with some greenery. Nothing like bringing the outdoors in when you are having a family meal.

Get yourself a large transparent bottle in hues of blue and green to add more glamour. Fill it with water and put in cuttings of plants such as money plants, bamboo plants and palms of any kind. Place this on the table and watch the way it changes the look of the things in the room. If you have a corner to fill, you can put in a planter with a palm tree in it. This fills up space and looks lovely irrespective of which corner of the room you are looking at it from.

Bonsais in the bedroom

The bedroom provides a number of places that can be filled up with plants. If you have bedside tables on either side of your bed, then you can put small potted plants here.

Bonsais are great options for this space. On either side of your bedroom TV too you will find space to place some small plants. If your computer is in this room, then here too a plant will do to cheer you up when you work late into the night. You can also choose one for your dressing table. For those homes that have balconies attached to the bedroom, the space is great for some flowering plants. Considering the proximity to sunlight here, you can choose hanging pots and fill them with plants. This will keep your floor space free to create a sit out of sorts. 


There are several places in the kitchen too where you can introduce plants. Every kitchen has huge windows that open out. These are great spots for plants.
Fill the sill with potted plants and see how they liven up the space you toil to make great food for your family. Other spots in the kitchen would be over the refrigerator. If you have an open kitchen, then plants can act as demarcators between the kitchen and the dining room. The small service window too can host a plant.


Who said that the bathroom needs to be a boring place. Spruce it up with some plants. If you have a window there, a few porcelain pots with some greenery in it would be a great idea. Place a small pot next to your toothbrush holder to make your mornings brighter. A pot or two above the toilet flush too brightens things up. 

There are several places across the house that you can introduce plants in. Each house is made up in a different way and thus each home presents itself with new options when it comes to plant placement. Keep in mind that the plants will need to be changed and taken out into the sunlight on a regular basis.

Make sure you place every plant in a pot holder of some kind. This will prevent leakage of water and unsightly spots around the house.

This is especially important when you are placing plants around electric and electronic products like the computer, fridge and TV. Change plants of different varieties to bring in a new look each time.

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