Dead end for repair work on road

Dead end for repair work on road

Dead end for repair work on road

The Government granted funds for work on the road, but, since the money is yet to be released, the work cannot be continued.

Responding to the request of the people of the town to repair the road that was in bad condition, the Government had okayed the release of funds for the work. It had promised Rs one crore for the repair of the road. Various local organisations and legislator Dr M C Sudhakar had pressed for release of funds.

Celebrating too early

When the funds were granted, the legislator had even celebrated conducting a ground breaking ceremony on the road. Drivers as well as owners of shops had expressed happiness that the road that had remained in bad shape for several years would finally be repaired.

However, whatever little work was conducted had to be stopped when the flow of funds too stopped.

“The road was dug on both sides. The mud was heaped in different places. Since the heaps were not cleared, it created several problems. Now too, some of the potholes in the roads are filled with water,” said a resident, Wajid.

The various measures taken to repair the road so far did not prove useful. A dust-wave rises whenever a vehicle moves on the road, inconveniencing not just pedestrians but also vendors and shopkeepers, he added. “Our health has deteriorated. But the conditions of the coolie workers is even worse,” he said, speaking to the Deccan Herald.

Half-done work

The work on only one side of the double-lane road is complete. The APMC Market is on the other side of the road. There is regular movement of hundreds of tractors, lorries and tempoes daily that supply material to the Market. Since only one side of the road can be used, its condition has only worsened. Also, there is frequent occurence of traffic congestion. Drivers also complain of not being able to reach their destinations in time.

The Government should take immediate steps to alleviate the people of the difficulty. It should release the funds immediately and ensure that the repair work continues appropriately, demand the public in the town.