'Dedicated walkways for pedestrians possible'

'Dedicated walkways for pedestrians possible'

Speaking at an event organised by the Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI) here, Ravindra said there could be possibilities explored by the State and industries to have dedicated walkways and roads for pedestrians.

“At a time when people have forgotten to walk, dedicated pedestrian roads, for example Commercial street, Avenue Road and other commercial areas could have a no entry for vehicles,” he opined and added that the move could prove beneficial to both the commercial houses and citizens.

“Also, chambers like FKCCI can explore the possibilities of having feeder buses around a small radius of commercial places in the City. People can use more of these feeder buses  to have mobility in the core business areas,” he suggested.

The interaction organised by FKCCI to discuss urban infrastructure and problems related to the ‘unplanned’ growth of the City saw several questions posed to Ravindra on road widening proposals made by the BBMP and State government. Ravindra said: “It is not compulsory that all roads need to be widened. Road widening should be carried out only where no other alternative is possible,” he said.

The urban affairs expert said the government was given recommendations by the Agenda for Bengaluru Infrastructure Development task force to concentrate on improving signalled junctions.