Something to talk about!

Something to talk about!

Endless discussion

Something to talk about!


Conversation is always a two-way street in which you listen as well as contribute.
But there are times when the person in front of you forgets this, especially while discussing something exciting.  For instance, a holiday abroad. A trip to a foreign country is always a wonderful experience.

 The different environment, people, clothes and food are all a welcome change from the mundane happening of everyday life.  But while these trips prove to be a fruitful experience for the traveller, it is not always the case with their friends.

Overwhelmed by their experiences while travelling, people can often talk about their trip endlessly which may be interesting for sometime but not after that.  People go to a beautiful, tourist-friendly place and return completely awed by it.

“And they always come back describing everything that is wonderful about that country," says Abhishek, a marketing professional.  “So you have to listen to endless tales about the roads, the skyscrapers and the cleanliness," he adds.

“The worst part is when people start describing the roads and how wide they are. But the description of the women’s clothes – “how small they are” –  gets irritating after a point of time,” says Sudeshna, a travel executive.  Then comes the talk of food joints, shopping malls and even the amusement parks in some cases.

“After his trip to the United States, my boyfriend kept talking about the height of the joyrides in one of the amusement parks, he visited. I understood that it must have been thrilling for him but listening to how many feet high each ride was, for over an hour was not even remotely interesting," says Rashmi, an HR professional.

The stories are not just limited to infrastructure. “My friend, who had gone to Sweden recently, was taken aback by the number of stripper joints in the area he was staying in. He couldn't stop talking about it for a month after his return," says Ashvin, a market analyst. Funnily, it may also turn out to be a learning experience.

“Every time there is a movie playing which is shot in New York, my boyfriend shouts out with delight. Lately, I have realised they shoot a lot of movies there,” says Rashmi, laughingly. But what is one supposed to do in such a situation? “My friend wouldn't stop talking about the social security system in Europe so I just told him I was getting bored and asked him to talk about something else,” says Jomon, an IT professional.
But that is something you can do only with your friends. “For the rest, it’s best to listen and nod along,” says Abhishek. SS