Expert panel on bus system directed

Expert panel on bus system directed

Parameshwaran, a 77-year-old retired employee of HAL had filed a Public Interest Litigation in September 2009, alleging that the Transport Department was not willing to consider his idea. At that time, the High Court had issued directions to the Department to reconsider the petitioner’s plan.

The petitioner has designed a bus system, which he claims will reduce the waiting time for passengers to four/five minutes. Further, he claims that 95 per cent of the travellers could reach their destination without changing a single bus and five per cent would have to make two changes.

However, the petitioner calls for a reduction in fares, a contention that was not acceptable to the BMTC. Counsel for the BMTC argued that they had agreed to try it on a small number of routes, but the petitioner had insisted that it be tried on all routes at a reduced fare.
According to the petitioner, his plan would have 25 feeder routes and 25 trunk routes. Each route would require about 12 buses.

A Division Bench comprising Chief Justice K S Khehar and Justice A S Bopanna directed the government to constitute an expert committee headed by the secretary of the Transport Department to look into the suggestions, within four weeks.

The Committee will comprise the petitioner, a technical expert nominated by the BMTC and will make recommendations after looking at the suggestions made by the petitioner.