Make anxiety a step to meditation

Make anxiety a step to meditation

The experience of anxiety is a condition known to mankind from time immemorial. However, in the modern times it presents a major challenge to the urban population around the globe. People are always in the state of anxiety and therefore depend heavily on medical treatment to anxiety.

The modern medicines are only repressive, they may help you feel relaxed for a while but it has harmful side effects. Anxiety looms in the form of excessive, uncontrollable and often irrational worry about everyday things that is disproportionate to the actual source of worry. Such individuals anticipate disaster, and are overly concerned about everyday matters such as health issues, money, death, family problems, friend problems, relationship problems or work difficulties.

When you are bogged down by anxiety what do you do? Try to repress it, take a pill, drown it in the drinks, smoke it away or worse, get some anxiety related disorders. The more you try alternatives, the more you get caught into anxiety. Anxiety cannot be removed by the mind because it's the mind that creates it. Zen monks have unusual ways of solving problems, because, they look at the problem from the enlightened space of the No-mind.

The following Zen story will give an insight which could be cure as well.

Bokuju, a Zen master lived alone in a cave. He would sometimes say loudly, "Bokuju" - his own name, and then he would answer, "Yes, I am here."

His disciples used to ask him, "Why are you calling 'Bokuju', your own name, and then saying, 'Yes sir, I am here'?"

He said, "Whenever I get into thinking, I have to remember to be alert, and so I call my own name, 'Bokuju.' The moment I call 'Bokuju' and I say, 'Yes sir, I am here,' the thinking disappears."

Relating this story Osho says, this can be a wonderful cure to anxiety. Just as Bokuju tried to wake himself by calling his name, you can try your own name. When you feel deep anxiety, just call your name  and then reply, "Yes sir, I am here," and feel the difference. The moment you call yourself, there is a jerk. The continuous flow of thinking is interrupted. Anxiety will not be there. At least for a single moment you will have a glimpse beyond the clouds. Once you know that if you become alert, anxiety  disappears, you have come to a deep understanding of your own self and the mechanism of inner working. Make anxiety a step to meditation. And make meditation your constant companion like breathing.