Burial plans

Burial plans

The family had earlier held a meeting to plan the pop icon’s last rites and they want to bury Jackson at the California ranch, a family member told British tabloid Sun.

“We are making the arrangements now, we are not finished with it but we are gonna have it,” Jackson’s father Joe Jackson had told reporters.

The Thriller legend’s brother Tito, 55, had also earlier said that the clan had spent all afternoon deciding the arrangements. They met in the Los Angeles home of Jackson and plan to hold an intimate ceremony along with a public memorial.

Family lawyer Brian Oxman on Sunday night told Jackson’s global legions of followers: “I can’t imagine that the fans would be excluded.”

Fans continue to converge on the UCLA Medical Centre, where the singer breathed his last and on Jackson’s ‘star’ on the Hollywood ‘Walk of Fame’, where visitors queued up with flowers, candles and toys.