Indian cabbie didn't realise he'd seriously hurt fare evader

Indian cabbie didn't realise he'd seriously hurt fare evader

22-year old Baljeet Singh was reversing away from the accident, he saw 15-year Dung Tran getting to his feet and thought the boy was fine, his lawyer, Jayne Basheer told the South Australian District Court, according to the AAP.

"He was not aware of the nature and seriousness of the injuries," Basheer said.
Singh took to the footpath in his cab at suburban Woodville Gardens in April last year, as he chased a group of teenagers who had run off, rather than pay the fare. He struck 15-year Dung Tran, who later had his right leg amputated below the knee.

Singh has since pleaded guilty to causing harm by dangerous driving and leaving the scene of a crash.

Prosecutor Carmen Matteo said Singh would have known the boy was injured as the incident damaged his cab and he also hit a brick wall.

Leaving the scene was a particularly callous act, she said. But Ms Basheer said Singh didn't know and hadalways maintained he saw the victim stand up as he reversed and left the scene.

She said it was therefore not unreasonable that he only mentioned hitting the wall chasing fare evaders when he first told his boss of the accident.His offer of meeting the victim to apologise had been rejected, and he'd written an apology instead, she said.

Judge Rauf Soulio told the lawyers they would have to make further submissions on December 1 and that Singh may have to testify.

Ms Basheer previously had urged the judge to impose a suspended sentence, saying Singh had also missed out on the chance to wed his long-time girlfriend in India because of the charges. As he waited to face court, his girlfriend's parents had arranged another marriage.