Obama to visit Gandhi museum, interact with Mumbai businessmen

Obama to visit Gandhi museum, interact with Mumbai businessmen

"Gandhi is one that has inspired Americans, inspired African Americans, including Dr King, and it's very personally important to the President," official sources said.

The US President will reach here on November 6 and will visit the museum at Mani Bhawan in south Mumbai after making a statement in memory of those who were killed in the Mumbai terror attacks, at the Taj Hotel, where he will stay.

"Taj, where the President is staying, was of course, a centrepiece of the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai. So the President wanted to take time to pay his respects to the victims who lost their lives and to sign the guest book there, but also to make some brief remarks to an assembled group of people who are connected to those attacks," the sources said.

The US President will then attend a business summit organised by the US-India Business Council.He will participate in three events at the business summit, which include a round table with entrepreneurs and another one with US CEOs. Obama will also deliver a speech at the summit.

He will spend the night in Mumbai. On November 7, the US President will visit a school in Mumbai, the sources said.

He will visit the school and participate in celebrations around the Diwali holiday that morning. Then he will go to the Town Hall to meet university students and talk about future partnership to take Indo-US ties to a new level.

At the Town Hall, there will be round tables on areas of partnership that the US and India are pursuing, including one on agriculture and food security. There will be another on the topic of democracy as India and the US are the world's two largest democracies, the sources said.