IIMB to mark aspirants on multiple criteria

IIMB to mark aspirants on multiple criteria

Personal interview and short essay writing to be part of selection parameter

The premier B-school will use multiple parameters like academic performance in school, high school and graduation programmes as well as candidates' scores in CAT to judge the suitability of candidates for the Post-Graduate Programme in management. Relevant work experience, if any,will be considered.

The score of CAT is used to establish the minimum level of proficiency that is expected from a candidate in respective faculties, as indicated by section-wise minimum scores in the CAT.

The two-phase selection process includes personal interview, as well as writing a short essay on a topic provided by the B school. Topics will be chosen from the current political, economic and business issues. Also, sports and other topics that call for creative handling of subjects can be included. The time slotted for short essay writing is 30 minutes.

Candidates’ good academic record and quality of work experience will be acknowledged. Hence, two interviewers will evaluate each candidate on his/her performance in short essay writing, as well as her performance during personal interview. In addition, for candidates with work experience, the relevance and quality of the candidate’s work will
be adjudged.

These scores, in combination with the pre-PI selection parameters will be used cumulatively in the second and final phase of the selection to identify the candidates, who will merit selection from among those candidates who appear for the PI. As part of the selection procedure, each interviewer will use the personal interview to comprehensively evaluate the candidate's motivation and ability to fit in and benefit from the Post-Graduate Programme. In addition all candidates have to  provide three confidential reference letters from their employers or faculty, which will be used for evaluation during the personal interview.

Candidates with CA, ICWA and ACS are eligible for weightage under professional course. While marking on work experience, only 36 months of the candidates’ work will be considered.