'Flower rangoli' is her forte

'Flower rangoli' is her forte

Sumathi Sampath giving finishing touches to flower rangoli . dh photo

S umathi Sampath has a practice of taking relatives out visiting places playing the role of a perfect host. Once, she along with her relatives had been to Dasara Flower Show at Curzon Park in 2003 that wrote a foreword for her success story.

“There were a group of women arranging flowers, besides drawing rangoli. Upon enquiry I learnt that the competitions on flower rangoli (popular as pushpa rangoli in Kannada), ikebana, and vegetable carving among others were being conducted. Till then I was practicing all these type of arts at home, and decided to participate in the competition following year”, Sumathi told City Herald.

The day came and Sumathi enrolled for the competitions in ‘Dasara 2004’ and as anticipated romped home with the first prize in flower rangoli. Since then, she is constantly winning first prize for the record seven years including the recently concluded Dasara.

On the secret behind her success, Sumathi is quick to say ‘confidence and perfection in whatever I do’. She wasn’t surprised when she won in her maiden contest, true to her confidence.

Sumathi said unlike others, she has a fixed topic every year-flower. And, she doesn’t arrange petals of types only for the sake of giving an enhanced look. She cuts the same to a size before neatly arranging the same. Likewise, she practices for hours together ahead of contest. Also, she makes sure that the flowers she buys for the contest are fresh.

Ask her how did she evince interest in the art and she recalls her childhood days as an active girl who was always engrossed in one or the other activities. Be it drawing rangoli, painting, vegetable carving or any other forms of art, she was adept at it, claims Sumathi.
Her popularity is such that she is a known face among her neighbours who don't forget to wish her whenever she wins a prize. “We saw you on TV and also newspapers photos”.

Adding to the awards and laurels in her possession, she is the recipient of ‘Curzon Park Rolling Cup’ from 2006 to 2010, an unbreakable record again. In the year 2006, she also won highest number of prizes, besides being adjudged for a special prize. She is not only ingenious in ‘flower rangoli’, but also in ikebana, vegetable carving, flower arrangements winning several prizes in the respective categories too.

Sumathi has also won a prize in the competition conducted at Lalbagh in Bangalore.
Sumathi humbly recalls the support extended by her husband without whom she says, carving a niche, wouldn’t have been possible.