Hoping against hope

Last Updated : 16 March 2014, 13:26 IST
Last Updated : 16 March 2014, 13:26 IST

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Announcing the results late, giving wrong assessments, marking students absent or repeating questions seems to be the norm at the Bangalore University (BU),which has been goofing up regularly when it comes to exams.

This year too, the students are hoping that they can rely on the BU for a smooth examination as well as results process. The vice chancellor of the BU, B Thimmegowda, asserts that things will be smoother and better this year and students will not be inconvenienced at any cost. 

“Last year, we had a lot of problems with the assesment and hence, the results were delayed to a large extent. However this year, we have better infrastructure and hope that everything will be on time. We have adequate space at the assessment centres.

Besides, we have procured furniture for those involved in the assessment process. Also, we have placed CCTVs at the assessment centres in case anything goes wrong. The government has formed a committee to find out if those assessing the papers need an increase in their pay. If the committee feels that we need to pay them more, we will,” he explains.

Sreeraj, a student, notes that if the results are delayed, it is the final-year students whose future is at stake. He feels that the BU should follow the schedule strictly. “Many of my seniors last year had faced a lot of problems when they were applying for post-graduate courses as they did not have their results by then.

I hope that we don’t have the same fate this year. A lot of things are at stake for the final-year students and if an important thing like the results is delayed, the entire admission process is in a tizzy,” says Rahul.

Shwetha, a teacher, says that the BU should streamline its assessment process so that the students’ schedule is not hampered. “The BU has become synonymous with goof-ups and delays. Things have to be corrected right from scratch. Firstly, the university should follow the timetable that it releases.

Correct assessment of papers is one of the most important factors to be kept in mind. The authorities should check the results several times before declaring them,” she suggests.

Some students note that the BU can declare the results online if there is a delay in the manual process. “At least that way, we will know our results. The final-year students can take a printout of the screen shot and present it to the colleges or universities that they are applying to.

I would suggest that the BU starts working on a different and more modern approach so that we can have a hassle-free examination and result procedure,” says Abbe, a student.

Students say that missing important deadlines puts a question mark on the entire academic calendar and hope that the BU gets its act together.

Published 16 March 2014, 12:53 IST

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