Hoping against hope

Hoping against hope

A scene from the film.

A hero/heroine battling a dreaded disease and mortals close to him in flood of tears —  this is more or less a done-to-death theme. Likewise, the  storyline here has four main characters emerging from different social milieus and suffering from different types of cancer.

If one sees the way the doomed characters sing, dance, fight, dart, and run in quite a wholesome  manner, he may rather be bemused than grieved. Nevertheless, there are a few scenes that tug at the viewers’ heart strings, which is otherwise a melodrama of sorts.
 Prateeksha, is a ‘make-believe-world’ of hope, where the characters meet and become thick friends in no time.

With Roy (Jayaram) leading the pack, they snap out of the comforts of the palliative care to celebrate life till the last second.   

What finally fails Soorya (Kunchacko Boban), one of the four friends, is not the illness but his intense love for his intelligent lover.

Kamal Haasan’s cameo is perhaps the sweetest moment. The scene is a slice of his life and goes well with the plot. Apart from that, Meera Jasmine’s (Gouri) performance, and a couple of sweet songs are the highlights of the film, inspired by Hollywood tearjerker The Bucket List.