File objections against power tariff hike:NGOS

File objections against power tariff hike:NGOS

Various civic groups like Consumer Care Society said the proposed hike will badly hit the consumers. The group says that industries who consume more power would be paying 22 per cent more. This would also mean that those who consume less might have to pay 33 per cent more tariff.

CIVIC Bangalore and Consumer Care Society have also suggested a few measures, which might help to ease the burden on citizens.

"They have predicted high consumption rate and the actual consumption rate is much lesser. The cost of maintenance, employee remuneration will later be transferred to the consumers," said Aswathanarayana P S, coordinator of energy sector of consumer care society.

The activists have also pointed out lapses on the part of BESCOM like filing the tariff order late for the current year. "As they have filed the tariff order only in mid August, the credit will be transferred to the next year. Why should the consumer pay more for a lapse on their part?" asks the co-ordinator.

 The last date for filing objections against the hike is November 4. But, the information about proposal is not available to public" says Harish Pooviah, chief coordinator of CIVIC Bangalore.

The NGOs have prepared a petition which they will submit to the Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission on November 2.