Karnataka industrialists oppose trade license system

Karnataka industrialists oppose trade license system

S S Biradar, President of Karnataka Small Scale Industries Association (KASSIA), who was here for a meet told PTI, "we will oppose this move tooth and nail and fight till the last breath to see it out."

"As it is, we have several licenses, permits in the form of SSI registration, ESIS, PF, ST, Service Tax, Exise, Income Tax etc. The trade license system and powers vested with local bodies for issuing them will add to the existing woes of medium and small enterpreneurs."
Also, another requirement to renew the license every year will put us under the mercy of the officials, he said.

Biradar said another issue haunting the industries was property tax. "We are not not against payment of property tax, but one should realise that we should not not be taxed on the lines of the real estate and residential properties," he said.

Industries need much more space compared to residential (areas) and hence a consideration should be given to them while taxing, and the government should extend concessions to them, the KASSIA chief felt.

Vice President P N Raikar said various industries associations will form a group and meet officials at the Centre to get their grievances resolved soon.