'Freedom is the most important thing'

'Freedom is the most important thing'


'Freedom is the most important thing'

Rocking : Freedom's Price

Bangalore-based band Freedom’s Price set the stage on fire with their catchy numbers at the October Fest recently. The most fascinating thing about this six-member band is that it has people from all over the world in it.

Nina Dickenson, an American, is amazing on the lead vocals. Supporting her on vocals and churning out some wicked tunes on the guitar is Ozzie Fernandez from Goa. Asha Daniels, an Indian-Canadian, is their energetic base guitarist.

Tim Jordan, the American lead guitarist, is exceptional when it comes to getting the crowd worked up. The other members of the band include Micheal Fernandez, son of Ozzie Fernandez, on the drums and John Peres, from Delhi, on the keyboards. Both of them are extremely talented musicians.

The band clearly proves that music transcends all boundaries. Metrolife caught up with them after the concert to talk about their interesting union. “The only common factor when it comes to all of us is that we love India and Bangalore. We started about three and a half years ago and hope to continue for as long as we can,” says Asha Daniels.

When asked about the name Freedom’s Price, Tim Jordan says, “True freedom is a very subjective term. But there is always a price for freedom and most of the time, it makes sense to pay that price or make that sacrifice because freedom is the most important thing.”

The band also has two guest singers performing for them — Dave, again an Indian-New Zealander and Tushar Vashist, a Delhite. “We love collaborating with other musicians and re-interpreting their music,” says Nina Dickenson.

 “They are an amazing band to work with and it was amazing how accepted I felt. It was loads of fun working with them and I felt right at home,” says Tushar, who collaborated with the band. His song Cry for Peace, an original composition, talks about co-existence of various religions and was appreciated at the October Fest.

Elaborating on the kind of songs they play, Tim says their songs are mainly composed with the intention of provoking a thought. One of their originals, Million Voices, speaks of finding a voice in the mulling crowd. A deeper interpretation would mean standing up against the misdeeds you see around you.

Freedom’s Price also works in collaboration with some NGOs in the City to create awareness about the causes they strongly feel for.

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