Nanaiah flays deputy speaker Bopaiah

Addressing a news conference on Tuesday, Nanaiah said that a Speaker and Deputy Speaker has to try to bring together various parties upholding the pride of the seats but in case of K G Bopaiah, this does not hold good because he has marred the honour of the post by interfering in political issues, programmes etc.

“He is misusing his post and is playing a very low level politics. He has filed a case against Karnanda Somaiah and A S Tatu Monappa, who were the DCC Bank Presidential candidates from Congress and JD(S). He is found to be pressurising the police in this issue now,” Nanaiah added.

He said that some influential people are behind filing a defamation case against DCF B B Mallesh and the issue was brought to the notice of both CM and home minister but no action has been taken against the people involved, he informed.

“There is clear political conspiracy behind filing of cases against DCC Bank President Mathanda Ramesh, Karnanda Somaiah and Tatu Monappa. BJP thought that their candidate can be victorious only when these three go behind the bars,” he said alleging BJP of stooping to the lowest level of politics.

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