It's all about convincing power

It's all about convincing power

Striking Bargain

Positive : Many shopkeepers like to co-operate with their customers.

Shopping is a tedious task but the shopkeepers’ day can get as hectic as the shoppers’, for they do their best to convince the customers to buy. Also, there are many shoppers who lose their cool while shopping or just don't buy anything at all after spending hours contemplating whether to buy or not in the shop, which can be quite frustrating for the storekeeper.

Although, many of them cooperate with their customers, in the business of trade and commerce, it may not happen every time. Kumaraswamy, a salesperson who sells handmade bags and purses, says, “First and foremost, I explain the customers about the products I’m selling. When they argue about the price saying that it is unreasonably high, I explain to them that these bags take days to make and also a lot of manual labour is involved.”

“If they don't like the design or they prefer another type, they are always welcome to give me their suggestions and the designs they like and I can get those prepared. I always take a guarantee that they’ll return,” he adds.

Arif Mistry, a clothes shop owner, is of the opinion that when he gets irritated with his customers, he just lets them go. “They make their own choices and we don’t force them to buy. We do try to convince them, but if they don't want to buy, we don’t bother. There are plenty of other stores and we just tell them to shop elsewhere. We prefer genuine buyers.”

Krishna, a bookstore owner, allows his patrons to browse through the books as long as they want to. That way they don’t bother him too much by asking too many questions.
“Whenever there are arguments and misunderstandings, I deliberately let the customers have their say, though I try to convince them.

As for the regular customers, when they demand for a certain book which is not available, I try to provide them. I advise my employees to acquaint themselves with the arrangements of all the books so that it’s easier and quicker to locate them.”

Shafiq, the owner of a shoe shop, says that it becomes difficult for him to manage
and convince people to not to bargain, at the same time he sees that he doesn’t lose his temper.

“Almost all the items in the shop have fixed prices. If the customer is not satisfied
with the footwear, I can’t give him or her an alternative pair. I don’t make any false promises. I can only give them options in sizes and colours.”

Most of the shopkeepers knew that a lot of customers have the tendency to
quarrel and they seemed to be prepared for that.

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