Sushma asks Obama to name Pak for Mumbai attacks

Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj today met US President Barack Obama and expressed concern at his country's reluctance to name Pakistan for its involvement in the Mumbai terror attacks.

Appreciating Obama's concern and sympathies over 26/11 terrorist attacks, Swaraj told him that "every Indian would appreciate if the US is clear in identifying the perpetrator of this terror attack -- namely Pakistan," according to a BJP statement.

In the half-hour meeting, the senior BJP leader also emphasised that occasional utterances on behalf of the US such as granting the special status relationship to Pakistan or treating it as the most important non-NATO ally of USA had caused concern in India. An impression should not be allowed to be gathered in India that Pakistan is an ally and India a market," Swaraj said.

BJP had reacted strongly for Obama not mentioning Pakistan in his speech at the Taj hotel in Mumbai on November 6 while condemning the gruesome terror attacks. However, the principal opposition had later watered down its criticism. During her meeting with Obama today, Swaraj also raised the issue of growing influence of China in South Asia.
"It was emphasised that China cannot have a role in resolving any issue in South Asia. The United States must dispel this notion," BJP said in the statement.

The right-wing party, which has vehemently opposed any US attempt to impose restrictions on outsourcing, also brought up this issue with the US President. It was emphasised that outsourcing is mutually beneficial to both Indian and US economies. It gives jobs to Indians but makes corporations in the US more competitive and adds to the efficiency of the US economy. This in turn creates jobs in India and helps a more competitive US economy to generate more jobs in the US," Swaraj said.

The BJP leader also broached the confiscation of social security under the totalisation agreement, saying it is causing unhappiness and concern to Indians who have worked in the US or who go to US for work on temporary permits and asking US to find a solution to the same.

She also asked Obama to intervene in the issue of appropriate compensation to Bhopal gas victims. She urged that the US must realise the importance of finding "a solution on the pattern of BP Oil spill case". bama extended an invitation to Swaraj to visit the United States in the near future.

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