It's a bit nippy now!


It's a bit nippy now!

The increase in pollution level due to Deepavali crackers; non-stop rains accompanied by strong breeze leading to drop in temperature in the past few days are wreaking havoc on the health of Bangaloreans. And while the chilly breeze is a welcome relief from the sun, it also brings along with it an array of common health problems. Metrolife takes a look at the various health hazards that people residing in the City may face during this season and what one can do to keep them at bay.

Common cold and flu are the first signs of health problems in this season. “The bursting of crackers increases the air pollution because the fumes contain heavy metals,
nitrogenoxide and carbon monoxide which can lead to respiratory diseases and asthma,” says Mahanetsh Charantimath, a senior doctor at Apollo Hospital. “In addition, the chances of heart attack and vascular spasm also increases,” he adds. Those suffering from conditions like asthma and arthritis may experience an aggravation of symptoms.

“The continuous rains can further lead to pneumonia, respiratory diseases and eye infections,” says Mahanetsh. He mentions it’s best to wear masks and glasses to prevent infections. “And maintaining hygiene is also advisable,” he adds.

Prevention: Keep yourself warm to ward off diseases. “Covering up your head, wrapping a muffler around your neck and wearing a cap is a must to avoid a cold attack,” says Neha Jaiswal, a general physician. The best way to prevent flu is to strengthen your immunity. “Eat food items like papaya, carrots, tomatoes, spinach and guava this winter season. You can also swallow a clove every morning to avoid infections,” says Neha. A certain amount of physical exercise also helps in boosting immunity and keeps the blood circulation at a good level. 

Other common problems that you may face are dryness, cracked lips, stretched skin, dry hair which is due to the lack of moisture in the body. “I make sure I use a good cold cream and moisturiser during the winter season,” says Supriya, a housewife. A good amount of water also helps in retaining the moisture of your skin as well keeping skin disorders at bay. Avoid using extremely hot water as it takes the moisture away from the body.

Taking the chill off

*Prevent yourself from falling prey to the health problems by following these measures:
* Keep your immunity up by eating food rich in
* Don’t forget to exercise on daily basis.  
* Hydrate your skin with a good moisturiser or body lotion.
* Cover your head and ears when you are outdoors.
* Wear gloves and socks to avoid the chill. 

Winter woes

*Flu and fever.
* Arthritis and joint pain.
* Pneumonia and chest infections.
* Dry skin.

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