'Reality shows are not my cup of tea'

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'Reality shows are not my cup of tea'

 Cool: Yuvraj SinghCalling it a part and parcel of his celebrity life, Yuvraj tells Metrolife that he has plans to open a new cricket academy to groom the young and aspiring cricketers. “The idea of opening my own academy has always been there. The aim is to get best talent from India and groom them for every situation,” says Yuvraj, who was recently in the City for an event.
While he has formed an idea, there is still some time for its implementation. “I am at an important stage of my career so the academy plan will take time to become a reality. Plus, it’s a long procedure and a lot of planning has to go into it,” he adds.

As a young boy, Yuvraj says he always knew that cricket would be his calling. “I always wanted to play for India. The pride of representing your country is a different feeling altogether. Knowing that I wanted to get here one day, I always played and practiced, slowly realising my dream in the process,” he says. And now having completed almost ten years in the game, Yuvraj says if there is one change that he has noticed, it is how different he has become as a person. “Experience teaches one so many things. As a player I have always aimed at perfecting my game and being a better human being,” he states.

With many of his colleagues doing reality shows, Yuvraj begs to be different. “Reality shows are just not my cup of tea. Given a choice I wouldn’t mind being part of an international show like Punked which is based on playing pranks. I think I would be an apt choice being the prankster that I am,” he laughs.

As for his advice to the young generation, “Don’t ever compromise when it comes to working towards your dreams and never be afraid to voice out your ideas for you never know that it may end up becoming an idea for the nation,” Yuvraj signs off.

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