Indian vegetable imports help cool prices in Lahore

Onion prices had reached Rs.100 per kg a week back. But it came down substantially ahead of Eid and was now available for Rs.60 to Rs.80 per kg.

The News International quoted vendors as saying major Pakistani dealers had imported huge quantities of onion and tomato from India cooling the prices.Imran, a wholesaler in the Vegetable Market, said expecting demand during Eid, a huge quantity had been imported.
Following the import, prices have reduced and they will be in the range of Rs 34 to 40 per kilogram after Eid.

Rates of tomato in the market were now ruling at Rs.50 to 70 per kg. While the price of green chilli has not declined and was being sold between Rs.120 and Rs.140 per kg, garlic from China was sold at Rs.280 to Rs.300 per kg.

Prices of ginger varied from Rs.240 to Rs.300 per kg. Indian ginger was sold at Rs.240 per kg while ginger from Burma was between Rs.240 to Rs. 270 per kg and ginger from China was more expensive at Rs.280 to Rs.300 per kg.

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