Family values taking backseat

It is difficult to believe that a country like India which staunchly believes in the Sanatana dharma and has embraced people of different faiths in its generous fold should be in such a situation. Most educated parents of our contemporary generation are contented with having just one child.

The gender of the child is of no essence to them anymore, they want to see that the child enjoys a comfortable life coupled with a good education which can spell a secure future for the young one. This is certainly a welcome trend for it will eventually step up our standard of living and literacy in the long run.

It will also help us overcome superstitions and baseless prejudices against our fellow brethren and lead to an equitable society. If we proceed on this track at a consistent pace the day is not far off when India will rank as the premier nation in this world. In the process of achieving this goal let us not lose the woods for trees.

When the truth is looming huge and large in front of our faces, is it wise for us to ignore it? Such being the case should Indians seriously re-think before down-sizing their families? Will relationships of siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins slide to extinction with the coming of the one kid family? When these questions are given a serious thought the answer derived emerges in the affirmative. This does not necessarily mean that couple should have more than one child. Nor does it mean that the parents should give up a thriving career and go back to their families in their native place.

There are other options which can be adopted by the couple or a single parent to give the child a family atmosphere.   The family values of Indians should not be compromised for materialistic counts. Childless couples and responsible adults could adopt children.

Besides, if each family decides to adopt one kid besides their own biological child they will be able to help both the children blossom into fine citizens with values. After all we live in a global village today which was defined millenniums ago as Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

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