Dancing in the shadows

Illuminating Background

Highlight : Foreign dancers have become a part of Indian films.

Therefore, it is not surprising when we see foreign beauties dancing in the background in Bollywood as well as regional songs. Whether they understand the language, culture and music is beyond anyone’s imagination. There is some factor that makes them click.

Metrolife finds out how the youth reacts when they watch such songs. Chandrika, an engineering student, says she does not mind who these side-dancers are. “I do have slight preference for the Indian dancers but it also depends on the song, the film and the situation. I liked the side-dancers in the film, Robot and felt that the whole song set-up was very striking.

But I feel that in many songs, there’s no need to use foreign dancers. I am also not very keen on seeing foreign dancers in ethnic Indian costumes as I don’t think these costumes suit them. On the other hand, Indians can carry off both Indian and Western attires very well.”

Dipika, another engineering student says, “I don’t think it’s important who the background dancers are since the prime focus is on the hero and heroine. These international dancers can also extend their dimension if they are given different opportunities like performing on the stage for different shows. I do like the fair-skinned dancers, but somehow I can connect more with the Indian dancers, in view of the fact that I am a dancer.”

Akshatha, a student, feels “The issue with Indian audience is that anything Western will sell. I’ve heard that most of these foreign dancers charge lesser than their Indian counterparts and are also flexible when it comes to their timing and practice rehearsals.

Directors want to show fair skin. But somehow, I feel that these dancers don’t fit in. The lip-sync is not in sync and their expressions don’t match the songs, in both Bollywood and regional movies. It’s very fake that way and I prefer Indian dancers any day.”

Chandrika says, “It doesn’t matter whether the dancers are Indians or not. I don’t like the way some of the international dancers are shown to the Indian audience.

Sometimes, their clothes are not appropriate as they expose more skin and most Indian films are family-oriented. I mostly favour Indian dancers, although some of the foreigners look appropriate for some songs.” Most of the youngsters seems to prefer Indian dancers and does not bother much about the fairness of the skin.

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