Sifting through the pages

Sifting through the pages

Voracious Readers

It is an activity that can teach us, change us, and help us grow. It is a blissful experience for many while for a lot of youngsters and old people, it is a great pastime. Be it classics or fiction, art or literature, books can be classified into many genres. However, with changing trends, a lot of youngsters now prefer reading pulp fiction to other genres.

Metrolife speaks to youngsters on the habit of reading. “Novels are a part and parcel of my life. I like reading suspense thrillers. They can be really fascinating and have a nail-biting finish. They keep you on your toes all the time,” says Vikas, an engineering student.

Says Abhijith, an IT professional, who reads a lot of pulp fiction, “Pulp fiction is simple and interesting. It appeals to me and makes a good read. I find classics very boring since the language is very heavy and poetic. Plus I can hardly comprehend what is written in them. I don’t want to take the trouble of interpreting the text and burdening myself as I want to enjoy what I read.”

Roopa, a professional, prefers reading science-fictions. “I love reading science fictions. They have a gripping storyline, a rivetting plot and keep the readers’ curiosity intact. In case of classics, I have to stick to the book for a long time to develop interest. If the first few pages get boring then there is no point reading the book,” she says.

Bhumika Rajan, a student of literature, has a contrary view. “Reading has been a passion for me since my childhood. Since each genre of literature is produced in a certain context, we cannot reject or dismiss them completely. Personally, I don’t like pulp fiction since it has no substance in it.”

But there are people who read just about all kinds of books. Sai Kiran, an avid reader, says, “I read all kinds of books. I don’t limit my reading to a particular genre.

Whatever I have read so far has contributed to my evolution as an individual in all perspectives. And I basically think one must develop this as a hobby and must be open to reading all kinds of books.”

Despite changing trends over time, books have assumed a new dimension with various genres of writing and are offering something new and interesting to the youngsters to cherish the experience of reading on the whole.

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