Palin should stick to Alaska: Barbara Bush

Lady Barbara Bush doesn't appear to think much of Palin's White House aspirations saying the former Alaska Governor would "stay in her home state".

Appearing in CNN's Larry King show, the outspoken former first lady said, She considers Palin as beautiful and thinks "she (Palin) is very happy in Alaska and should stay there".

In excerpts from the interview by Former President H W Bush and his wife put on the website, the couple did not think much of the Tea party movement, the group which created waves in recent Congressional and State elections in US.

Former President Bush Senior said that though some of the ideas of the tea party make much sense, he wasn't sure how the new group will fit into the larger political landscape in America.

The former first couple also talked about the new book of their son George W Bush's 'Decision Point'.

"The book is very interesting. He is not trying to write a biography, he is trying to tell how it is in the White House," Barbara Bush said.

Her husband said, "My son is speaking from his heart. I think he has done a good job selling the darn thing."

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