'Vested interests working to keep untouchability alive'

Opposition Leader in Assembly Siddaramaiah inaugurating ‘Kanaka Gangothri’ organised as part of Kanaka Jayanthi by the Mangalore University Kanakadasa Study Centre on Friday.Speaking at ‘Kanaka Gangothri’ organised as part of Kanaka Jayanthi by the Mangalore University Kanakadasa Study Centre here on Friday, he said those talents who are born in lower class are suppressed inspite of possessing eligibility.

“Kanakadasa keerthanas did not receive the publicity what Purandara Dasa keerthanas received. We observe Kanaka Jayanthi not only to remember him but also to spread his preachings of equality among commonman,” he said

Stating that Kanakadasa was not only a ‘Dasa’ or ‘Santha,’ Siddaramaiah said he has contributed a lot to make Kannada literature richer and more vibrant.

“It was Kanakadasa Keerthana and Vachana Sahithya which enriched Kannada literary world. Vachanas and Dasa Sahithya were a supplement to mainstream literary works,” he opined and said “a person cannot be judged by his profession or caste. It is his goodness which makes him a great person,” he added.

“The Chaturvarna system and ‘Karma siddantha’ was a tragedy to humankind in the country. It tied people from the lower class to their caste in such a way that they could never come out of the clutches of caste system,” he added.

The keerthana of Kanakadasa explained social values along with devotion. Through Keerthana he fought for social justice.

Music Director Hamsalekha said “Kanakadasa was a musician by birth. “It was music which made him a poet, and made him to learn Sanskrit and fight for injustice. Music brings all under one umbrella.  Communal harmony can be retained only through music and art in the country.” Stating that Kanakadasa had knowledge of all the ‘raagas’ in music, he said he had composed Keerthana in 40 raaga. He composed music in ‘Harikambodhi raaga.’

Mangalore University Vice-Chancellor Prof T C Shivashankaramurthy presided.

Government’s move opposed

Flaying the government for denotifying Udupi Krishna temple and handing it over the Ashta Mutts, Opposition Leader in Assembly Siddaramaiah said that Udupi Krishna temple became famous because of ‘Kanakana Kindi.’ Even the Supreme Court had given a verdict that Udupi Krishna Temple should remain as a public property, in 1961. Violating the court order, the state government went ahead to denotify the temple and entrust the administration to the Ashta Mutts. 

Keerthanas to be recorded

Hamsalekha said that Kanakadasa Study Centre should record the compositions of Kanakadasa’s Keerthana in Hindustani, Carnatic, folk and light music form. He also agreed to extend help in composing the Keerthana.  

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